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The Saxon Stones_Episode 1by Michael Butt directed by John Taylor

One-time TV historian Linus Scott returning to the remote east coast settlement of Ait to attend the funeral of his childhood mentor, Kenrick, a scholar of Old English who had rescued the young boy from a problem background. But also attending the ceremony is a stranger, Alice Pyper, who, to Scott's surprise, appears to have had some connection to the deceased man. When Alice begins snooping around Kenrick's house, Scott confronts her, and the first door is opened onto a labyrinthine mystery that leads deep into the history of the Saxon Stones and the ominous myth of Dracamuth.

Linus Scott . . . . . Greg Wise
Alice Pyper . . . . . Amanda Drew
Darlene . . . . . Heather Craney
Thurgis . . . . . Richard Hope
Irwin . . . . . Christopher James
Aidan . . . . . Jonathan Keeble
Child Linus . . . . .James Foster

Written by Michael Butt

Produced & Directed by John Taylor
A Fiction Factory production for BBC Radio 4.

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