Fay Weldon's

The Weather Girl

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Blockbuster novelist Fay Weldon's play was specially commissioned for Radio 4 by Fiction Factory director Roland Jaquarello. It starred Amy Nuttall, Rachel Pickup and Jane Bertish with Tim Woodward, Leah Whitaker, Neet Mohan and Bea King.


The play was produced by John Taylor and directed by Roland jaquarello.

Fay Weldon's spicey, transgressive comedy drama was especially commissioned for BBC Radio by Fiction Factory Productions. Dr Pania Abbot, a clinical psychologist, is assigned to assess a young woman on remand in prison. Abigail turns out to be charming and manipulative personality with a sinister history. Starring Amy Nuttall as Abigail, Rachel Pickup as Dr Pania Abbott, Jane Bertish as Christa, Tim Woodward as Sir Timothy, Leah Whitaker as Amelia, Neet Mohan as Ahmed and Derek and Bea King as Little Abigail. The play was directed by Roland Jaquarello.