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See how the government is step by step privatising and outsourcing what used to be the National Health Service in an attempt to replicate by stealth in the UK the disastrous American insurance health system.


In the world of public health myths abound. We still speak of the NHS, not perhaps realising that the government abolished it in the Health and Social Care Act of 2012, so that it's now no more than just a label. We are told that the old system was strangled by red tape and too expensive, when the truth is that it was both CHEAPER and MORE EFFICIENT. We are told that private health companies do a better job, when they have been constantly shown to waste money and create catastrophic failures of practice, only to receive more government contracts. These satirical videos may have a comic edge but the bottom line is that what's happening to public health in England is NO JOKE!

The Circle Health Horrorshow

The Healthy Breakfast Show

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