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Austerlitz_Sample Scene - Fiction Factory for BBC R3
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Michael Butt's dramatisation for BBC Radio 3 of W G Sebald's haunting novel of a man attempting to trace memories and meanings that link his childhood with the events of the Second World War. The author died suddenly at the age of 57 in 2001 in Norfolk, the county where he had lived and worked since self-exile from his native Germany. To a large extent his thinking and writing were driven by what he felt to have been the inadequate response of his German countrymen to the horrors of the Holocaust. Although AUSTERLITZ is largely a work of the imagination, its anonymous narrator bears many similarities to the author, and in the story autobiography and fiction become uniquely interwoven with stark documentary material.


The play starred James Fleet and Stephen Greif, with Amanda Drew, Morven Christie, Timothy Watson, Dyfan Dwyfor, Deborah Findlay, Emma Powell, Poppy Miller, David Sibley, Michael Elwyn and Kalum Guest. It was produced and directed by John Taylor.

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