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This video records a haunting. Ashwood House in Northumberland was the home of the Harmon family. The story told locally is that in 1954 Lady Annabel, wife to Lord Harmon of Hexham, was bringing from her bedroom a posy of now dead roses from her dressing table. Her husband, who was in the sitting-room, claimed he heard her cry out in the hall and, on investigating, found her dead at the foot of the stairs, shot through the heart. Although charged with hhis wife's murder, Lord Harmon maintained his innocence and was not convicted. No-one else was ever arrested for the crime. The video was captured on a static camera left in the hallway one afternoon in 2023. The film might provide an explanation for the classical notion that ghosts are transparent. It is rather as if the spirit struggles to manifest itself persistently over a duration in time, as if the energy required to effect an apparition is intermittent, like a faulty electrical signal. *





*Of course, none of this is true. The video is a fake and the story is pure invention.

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